The Seacrest Is Out – Kelly Ripa Chooses Modern Media’s Favorite White Guy As Her New Co-Host

First there was Dick Clark, Casey Kasem, and today we have Ryan Seacrest. The GOAT of generically good-looking white men who appear everywhere there is a microphone.

Seacrest, who currently racks in a whopping $65 million/year from his variety of radio and television gigs, has tacked on an extra $20 million due to his permanent seat on Live! With Kelly (and Ryan). 

Unreal. Ripa was stranded a year ago after Michael Strahan, who sat beside Kelly for four years on the show, left abruptly for a hot spot on ABC’s primetime morning show, Good Morning America. After a year of rotating co-hosts and a mystery of who would fill the seat permanently, Seacrest got the job.

If you ask me, Ripa has just pressed the trigger of a slowly moving bullet into her foot. Nobody is better than Seacrest. Remember Brian Dunkleman? Of course you don’t. He was the last person to co-host with Seacrest on FOX’s American Idol Season 1 and where is he now? I’m assuming drunk by himself scrolling social media tweeting shit like this to his whopping 6,000 followers.

You can’t beat Seacrest, it’s science. And now Ripa expects him to just be a casual second-hand man? Not a chance. I give it 6 months for they change the name from Live! with Kelly & Ryan to We Live! for Ryan.

His premier job in his long list of jobs is his daily hour long show national show on iHeartRadio. In fact, he’s so good that ABC is building him a new radio studio in the same studio as Live! just to make work for the Prince a little bit easier.

Although Kelly definitely asked to get upstaged with this pick, it’s probably a smart move in the vastly increasing competitiveness of morning television. Live! which airs in syndication on ABC, will soon be competing with a new third hour of the Today show on NBC, which will have a new 9AM slot lead by the fearless Megyn Kelly.

giphy (7).gif

This will be me every AM watching the awesomeness of morning TV.


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