Trump’s 100th Day = More Rallies! Journalists Takin’ Shots! Wait…Is This Where America Wants To Be?

This past week saw everyone tallying up and taking score of Trump’s first 100 days in office. It was all headed by two major events:

The annual white house correspondent’s dinner and another campaign style Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We are still seeing campaign rallies, we are seeing huge news ratings but†what does it really mean? Who’s winning here?

Coverage of the†events saw business as usual for both the media and the Trump administration with one†event acting basically as a roast session for the other. With Trump’s rally, we saw the same jargon and flair like his†events in the past (a bad or good thing depending on who you ask).

While the orange salt bae had to sprinkle some “alternative facts” over some of his speech claims, apparently he also used this opportunity to make some roast jokes of his own for the correspondent’s dinner he did not attend.

He is the first and only president to not attend the event since its inception†(excluding Reagan when he was hospitalized by an assassination attempt but still gave remarks by phone).

While Trump was basically still running for president in Philly, the annual white house correspondent’s dinner was taking place. The event is known for its tradition of mocking the media and the sitting president in celebration of†the first amendment.

However, it just seemed like another day at the office due to the nature of how the media has been covering Trump so far this year.

Hasan Mihnaj showed us the typical Daily Show treatment and pulled no punches whether he was talking about the media or the president (but mostly the president) and sandwiching the jokes around free speech.

The media directed punchlines†were often met†with wincing distaste but not surprisingly, everyone agreed on the Trump comments.

All joking aside, this traditional milestone in our democracy is used†to measure and predict future success. The first 100 days of a presidency is not so much a raw measurement of what got done and what didn’t or who’s to blame, but a gauge†on the current and future affects of the political tone we as a country have “chosen” to support.

While we see the media celebrating the first amendment and using†the president’s absence as being in direct conflict with it, we also see the president utilizing his first amendment†and critiquing the media’s alleged unfair use of it.


We won’t get into who’s right and who’s wrong but the results are in. The first 100 days is a failure. Maybe not for the president. Maybe not for the media. But when we see the level of political, racial and economic divide in our country and what its prominent position in our†future suggests, America loses. Thus subsequently, we all lose.

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