Anthony Anderson Should Absolutely Have His Own Late Night Show

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Today:†Anthony Anderson guest hosts for Jimmy Kimmel who is out on paternity leave.

There hasn’t been a network African American late night host ever, and people voice their concern about it.

We do have Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. Larry Wilmore had his shot on the same network around the same time Trevor came through. And of course there is Tavis Smiley on PBS is you like falling asleep. But there hasn’t been a traditional late night host since Arsenio Hall in 1993-1994 (we’re going to forget about his attempted comeback in 2011).

That is until last night when Blackish‘s Anthony Anderson took the throne at Jimmy Kimmel Live for a night while Jimmy takes the week off for paternity leave.

Nowadays networks will always choose to air re-runs over using a guest host to secure the audience’s loyalty. Guest hosting is a tradition started from the early days of late night television. Johnny Carson use to have a guest host once per week, and then more often towards the end of his reign. That’s how Jay Leno actually proved he could handle the seat.


But today in a ever-expanding battlefield of late night television, guest hosts are rare, but when they do come up, I don’t expect much from them. I enjoyed watching John Mayer host the Late Late Show while it transitioned from Craig Ferguson to James Corden. Will Arnett hosted Jimmy’s show on Monday and it was good. But last night Anthony Anderson hosted the show and it was actually something special.

Here’s how it started:

And then he came through with a dynamite monologue in a voice that I could get used to hearing every night. It’s very blackish, but even a white (no ish) guy like myself felt in on the jokes and enjoyed it from start to finish. It involves his Mother as his sidekick, how people can tell whether or not they are black, and a host who†can work an audience better than anybody on the air. Anthony Anderson should absolutely have his own late night show.

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