Here’s a Recap of the Craziest Boston Series This Season

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles series then I don’t know what you’ve been doing.

I’ll give you a play-by-play (yes, pun intended), for the greatest three-day span the MLB regular†season has not seen since the boys in the 90’s were juicing their†tuchas†with steroids.

Monday, May 1st:

This game can only be described as ugly from the field to†the stands. Star outfield for the Orioles, Adam Jones, was fully disrespected by the away teams fans.

The level of degradation can be summed up with one fan screaming racial slurs his direction and another taking his moronic level to a whole new level by throwing peanuts his way. Mr. peanut launcher alongside 33 other Red sox fans was thrown out for a variety of reasons, ranging from alcohol-related incidents to smoking weed in their seats.

o4.pngNot only was this an asterisk on fans at Fenway Park, but the entire MLB, who needs to readdress who they should let into the bleachers at the games.

If that wasn’t enough, it got even worse for one Red Sox fan, who got turned down by his girlfriend after proposing on the jumbotron. Imagine getting a ‘no’ and then 50,000 fans chanting “she said no” for the entirety of the inning.

I think that’ll be the last time that dude will be showing his face around the ballpark for a long long time. Yea, don’t think they ended on good terms either…

Tuesday May 2nd:

What a night! Red Sox nation flipped the script the next night by showing their compassionate side by giving Adam Jones a standing ovation.

It was a gracious act, showing Boston’s huge heart and showed that they won’t accept hate in their stadium. That moment was short lived. Literally†2 minutes later, the next batter, Manny Machado, got a pitch thrown behind his back from the pitcher.

This isn’t the first time Machado has gotten maliciously targeted. He was pissed. Don’t believe me, check out his postgame rant.

Wednesday May 3rd:

The epic ending to a wild three game stretch. Red Sox’s President,†Sam Kennedy, decided to take action by permanently banning the racist†fan for his insensitive†remarks from Monday night. Although incidents like this should never happen, this opened up a larger conversation.


When fans are in the crowd they feel invincible, like they won’t be held accountable for their actions. This idiot’s action led to a discussion on how we can treat one another accountable for the way we act in public.

It was a crazy few†games and hopefully, the bad blood can pass the next time these two teams play. But as a fan,†let the storylines keep on coming!

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