People Admit Their Biggest Prom Fails

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Today: Jimmy Fallon reads user submitted #PromFails

Ahhhhhhhhh prom. I don’t miss it. Spending way too much of your parent’s money on superficial things to feel glamorous for a night. Or, a very roundabout and expensive way to get in someone’s pants.

During my high school graduation, someone speaking claimed the word “prama” in light of the drama that surrounds the event, and that appears to be universal.

The dress, the venue, the ride, and most importantly, your date are all a toss up to see which actually pans out as you had it in your head. It’s inevitable for at least one person in each group to have some sort of catastrophe, and Jimmy Fallon is here to give us the best of ’em.

A little schadenfreude to kick off your Friday.

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