Sally Yates Put the Beatdown on Ted Cruz in the Name of the Law

Sally don’t play when she’s on her game! And she was definitely ready for the intense line of questioning during today’s senate hearing on national security.


The former Attorney General Sally Yates and former DNI James Clapper were called before the senate today to testify on multiple topics of national security. This includes the Russian hacks†and the†FBI investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as well as her decision as Attorney General†to not defend Trump’s first travel ban (which she was fired for).

During the hearing Ted Cruz decided to lawyer up and try to catch Yates off guard. Apparently no one gave Mr. Cruz†the memo that†she was†an Attorney General and knows the law as good as anyone.†Rest assured, he knows now.

The room immediately let Cruz know that his offensive failed with flying colors and so did twitter.

Immediately after the hearing, Trump took the†opportunity to express his opinion†on the matter. Of course, using his now classic way with words ( truth translations provided).

(Dir. Clapper never said that there was “no evidence” of collusion)

(The public was given†info. on the events that took place leading up to Mrs. Yates being abruptly fired from Att. Gen. and context behind both of Flynn’s dismissals/security clearances)

(When the FBI, Senate and House investigations are complete)

With†Mrs. Yates and Dir. Clapper in attendance today, we received†further public insight into Mr. Flynn’s actions before his dismissal and the manner in which the current administration handled†it behind closed doors†but this tweet probably summed it up best. Ted, you gotta hold this L my dude.

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