We Are Living In The Opening Montage Of A Dystopian Movie

You know how at the beginning of like†Blade Runner,†I Am Legend, V for Vendetta, etc. there will be a moment where they need to flash a bunch of events and news broadcasts to get you caught up on how the world got so fucked up? We’re living in that right now.

And yes, full disclosure, I don’t know which, if any, of those movies feature such a montage, but it helps get the point across, so just bear with me.

Just think about it, in a movie about the downfall of America (and world as a whole?) you’d see “Americans lose healthcare”, “Millions die from untreated illnesses”, “Bodies fill the streets,” “President fires the man very man investigating him,” “Tax cuts for the rich destroy the poor,” “Ted Cruz,” “Russia and America trade in the Cold War for warm hug” and on and on streaming across the screen.

We’d have some shots of women in pant suits sitting behind desks delivering somber†news stories, shots of news paper being thrown in frame onto some rainy stoop, grainy news shots of chaos and then it would go to an interview with this asshole:


But, Gordon Bombay isn’t going to enlist Charlie Conway to get the gang back together to thwart the Russians and save us from our seemingly inevitable doom.

Because this isn’t a movie. Because on Tuesday the President of the United States fired the FBI Director who was investigating him. Because we are at a very real crossroads.

In the hours and days leading up to James Comey learning of his firing (via the televisions behind him while he delivered a presentation to FBI recruits in Los Angeles) he spoke with the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, about seeking additional resources for his investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

And the firing comes weeks after subpoenas were issued to associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in regards to his Russian connections and only hours after news of the subpoenas were brought to the attention of news outlets.

So, now a President who has allegedly been†screaming at television broadcasts about his connections to Russia and has held a grudge against the now former FBI director for not supporting his claims he had been wiretapped by Barack Obama, is making decisions that seem just a little too familiar.

While the foundation of the United States is far from crumbling, it’s shaking a little bit, but by no means crumbling, the coming days, weeks, months and even years (if Trump makes it that far) will tell us a lot.

It will tell us which politicians hold the stability of the country above their party alliance. As without missing a beat Marco Rubio proved to be as spineless as ever and†Ben Sasse†continues to be one of the last hopes for whatever semblance of the Republican Party survives the appointment of Donald J. Trump.

And Paul Ryan, oh Pauly Wisco, who is in perhaps the only position to derail any of these decisions, is too busy taking gym photos or some other bullshit and has remained firmly planted next to Trump. Simply standing idly by as a 70-year old toddler†live tweets CNN instead of running what once was the greatest country in the world.

Make no mistake about it, we’re living in the montage, now just depends on when the movie resumes have things changed for the better or have we plunged into chaos.

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