How Stoned Is Dave Matthews In His Stephen Colbert Interview

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Today: Dave Matthews sits down with Stephen Colbert and the pieces finally come together for Jack.†

Dave Matthews was a†June staple if you grew up in the 518. Every year, if you’re lucky, on the last day of school, you and your friends would pile into the one car driven by someone who had a license and head up to SPAC. Did you love Dave Matthews? Of course you did, you think, and he was here to pay his yearly dues of a highly captivating performance not one, but two nights every year at our beloved Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

If you didn’t have your first beer/dip/hit of a candied cigarette on the grounds surrounding SPAC, you either did it way too early in life or never at all. It’s a playground of adventure and Dave Matthews was the monitor.

Only, I realized when watching Dave Matthews perform that he is an incredible performer with a horrible stage presence. Like, so awkward I spent many rides home talking about why we didn’t hear a word from Dave Matthews while watching Dave Matthews.

I wasn’t there to ask questions, just have a good time. So I continue to go, despite SPAC’s subpar line-up…But after seeing him on one of the my favorite late night programs, pieces of the puzzle started to come together, and it smelt a little bit like reefer.


Dave is no closet marijuana supporter. He talks about his use in word and song, and as one can assume, one of the biggest side effects of heavy marijuana use, anxiety and paranoia. Is that what makes him a shallowed tune blaster on stage? Yes. His presence on Colbert explains it, as he stares into the crowd before he stops mid story to say “I feel really weird right now” as he saw his reflection on the monitor.

He discusses being on the road for 25 years, the transition from lighter to cell phone lights, and some brief insight into his personal life. He definitely holds it together, but he’s definitely also super stoned.

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