If You Can Watch Chris Pratt Play ‘Speak Out’ with Ellen without Laughing then You Have No Soul


Speak Out. It’s not an LGBTQ advocacy group, it’s a widely popular “mouthpiece challenge game” run by supergiant Hasbro. What is it? Well here’s what we got from HQ in June 2016.

PAWTUCKET, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) will launch the new SPEAK OUT game which challenges players to say ridiculous things, such as “Nifty Nuns Having Fun” while wearing a mouth piece. Mouth piece challenge videos have taken the Internet by storm and the new SPEAK OUT game includes hilarious content from Hasbro’s best-in-class game creators, giving players everything they need to challenge their friends and create sharable laugh-out-loud moments.

I would call it the new ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ which is good, that game is getting stale. It’s a game that requires a certain formula of chemistry between participants and not too much alcohol, and it can make for a hell of a time. But it often involves a few people who hit the mixed drinks too hard and then laugh for 12 minutes at something that should have a been a quick giggle, nothing more, nothing less. Anyways, I think Cards Against Humanity is a game of the past, and the game of the future is right is right under our nose.

Hasbro’s new jam ‘Speak Out’ is an awesome group game and they play it live on Ellen and Chris Pratt loses his shit, and you probably will too, and if you don’t you probably don’t have a soul.

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