5 Takes From a Girl on the New Male Romper

What’s new in fashion these days, you ask? Introducing: the Men’s Romper, a one-piece cotton getup featuring tailored shirt with a matching, attached bottom, built in zipper fly and super short shorts to expose those wonderfully pale, male thighs.

It’s true, this product could be hitting the retail market sooner than you think. RompHim™ has far surpassed its Kickstarter fundraising goal of $11,000 needed to manufacture said rompers and gift them to the early adopters.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 1.48.46 PM

There’s been so much apparent enthusiasm for the startup that they crowdsourced over $60,000 in funds with 28 days left in the campaign (the initial $11,000 ask was met in just one day).

So obviously it’s my duty as 2BD’s resident fashionista to offer up some sort of commentary on this hot, new trend and whether I think it can find a place in the fashion market today.

First: This business idea is a total bro move

A marketing/brand awareness event called Rompchella? Oh dear God. I knew something was up when I checked out the Kickstarter account and found absolutely no details about the product or business idea had been published. This is all I got:

ACED Design

Evanston, IL

A group of business school friends who decided to try to bring something new to menswear.

Typical bros offering up as little explanation as a Tinder bio and hoping the entire female population just flocks to them no questions asked. Pair that with their overwhelming support and love for the city of Chicago and we are bro-ing out to the max with this one. They better have a kick ass pitch for the day this hits Shark Tank.

Second: If I had a dollar for every time a guy told me they HATED rompers I would be so rich

High waisted shorts and rompers have been a man’s biggest boner shrinker since Instagram came out and day drinking became popular. Girls fall victim to saggy bums when the romper doesn’t fit appropriately or is just oversized in nature, and the bathroom breaks become excessive while maneuvering yourself in and out of them. Collectively, guys have not had any trouble sharing their criticisms of this fashion piece they simply don’t understand or appreciate for those above reasons and more.


Third: It’s not going to be any more flattering on the dudes, either

When the initial critiques of women’s rompers came out, the market responded and offered all sorts of style variations to make the piece more flattering and attractive. Rompers come with different necklines, sleeve lengths, patterns and fabrics that are suitable for many occasions or body types.

The RompHim to start is a much more basic piece, with the redeemable quality being that the men will continue to have it easy with a zipper for the bathroom stall. Go crazy with that, guys! I truly envy this feature if the trend takes off. However, the short length of the shorts (like Chubbies) are a little more Southern, if you will, and might not do so well up here in the 518 where every male thigh is pale as hell and doesn’t need to be seen by anyone.

Fourth: Price will have to equal perceived value

I can totally see this being a fun, summer addition to a guy’s wardrobe –perfect for an afternoon on the boat or even the race track. A novelty piece that’s worn once or maybe twice a year like an ugly Christmas sweater. But for $119, it’s going to have to be really freakin’ sought after.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 1.56.23 PM

Instagram: @originalromphim

Fifth (and final): Maybe I’m all for it because you can totally go Two Buttons Deep in these things

You might or might not be aware that Two Buttons Deep was originated at a college party where we all would wear short sleeve, button down Hawaiian shirts. After a few drinks, the buttons started to come undone and the party became even more rowdy. Can you imagine how many buttons deep you could go in a RompHim?

Actually, don’t imagine that yet…it might be a few too many.

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