Here’s Why You Should Be Listening To Harry Style’s New Album

The former One Direction member will soon be known for much more than his long locks of brown hair and brief relationship with Taylor Swift, because after leaving the British boy band Harry Styles recently released a solo album…and it’s incredible.

I was never a One Direction fan, so it wasn’t until years later when I actually found out who the heck this Harry Styles boy was. Since I knew very little about him, I had no idea what this album would be like. Would he suddenly turn country? Would he become the next Eminem? Can he even sing at all?


My questions were answered when he came out with a self-titled album which will no doubt be the album of my summer. Harry Styles is a rock star.

You’ve probably heard at least one of the ten new songs from the self-titles album, Harry Styles. That’s because “Sign of the Times” has been dominating the radio lately. Although it’s sadly starting to get overplayed, it’s definitely my favorite track from the album. It’s the most emotional and raw song and sheds a light on the transition from bubblegum boy band to legendary rock star. Harry Styles proves what Harry Styles is made of, and makes it clear where he wants his career to go.

Most tracks on Harry Styles give off a chill indie vibe. In fact, the first five songs feature relaxing acoustic guitars and slow rhythms. Towards the middle of the album, however, Harry throws us a major curveball. Tracks like “Only Angel” and “Kiwi” are some old school rock and roll jams. Despite this perception, all songs are listed under “Pop.”

Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the album cover. This artsy (and sexy) shot of Harry is what I would consider the cherry on top.


I guess years after everyone in school became obsessed with 1D, I can finally say that I understand all the hype. I’m a fan of Harry Styles.

ALSO: Harry has just kicked off his weeklong residency as guest of the Late Late Show on CBS. He will be the guest every night this week and has hinted at a carpool karaoke later in the week, or as they marked it, “harryoke”

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