The ‘Destiny 2’ Reveal Did Not Disappoint in the Slightest.

Hi. Hello. How are you? My name is Kyle, I’ve been born and raised in the great upstate New York my entire life, and I’m also a huge nerd. Thursday was a special day, not only was it #518day but Bungie revealed Destiny 2, one of the most highly anticipated games ever. During the event 430,000 people viewed in on Twitch, and they were not disappointed.
What can we expect from Destiny 2? New….Literally new everything.

Weapons, armor, enemies, zones, planets, etc. Another cool new feature you’ll have either Cayde,  Ikora Rey, or Zavala joining you on the battlefield. The official trailer came out just over a month ago which give us a nice tease as to what wed be facing, a new boss has emerged named Ghaul, who is Cabal, a race you don’t really engage too much in Destiny.

There was one key element to the reveal that I think surprised people the most, Destiny 2 will be available for PC. Bungie has partnered up with Blizzard Entertainment to make this all possible, and I for one am excited for this. If you don’t know Blizzard Entertainment well you’ve probably heard about one of their games…or two….or three…..or all of them, World of Warcraft one of the most successful and well known games out there was created by Blizzard.

Why would Bungie partner up with Blizzard? Simple really they’ll use Blizzard’s Battle. Net platform that way it frees up Bungie’s developers to focus on creating unbelievable content for Destiny 2. Were only four months away from the release of Destiny 2, much more to come from this, but for now let the hype build! Dance away Guardians!


PS – Is it September yet?

PPS – Just kidding I love summer too much to wish for that.

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