Axe Made A Commercial Based On Personal Questions Guys Google Everyday

There’s no shortage of†advertisements, tweets and articles going viral that encourage women to be themselves. Everyday there seems to be a new video about the importance of women embracing their curves, skin color and the person they are inside. Although we should be encouraging people to be themselves, I have one questionÖ

Why donít we treat men the same way?

All the talk about being comfortable with who you are and the things you enjoy seems to be geared towards women, but men experience the same fears and anxieties. The difference is that men often hide their insecurities in order to maintain a “manly” image.

It feels kind of shitty to realize this, but instead of keeping these questions buried, Axe created a commercial to help guys understand that their bros are thinking the same stuff that they are.

Guys, you donít have to do that to be a man. Youíre human, not Superman.

I know Iím a woman, so maybe Iím not exactly the right person to be saying all this crap, but I think this commercial is great. Not every†man likes sports the same way not every woman likes makeup. Also, if I couldnít wear pink or pet fluffy animals, Iíd lose my mind. Those things should be for everyone.

So to answer the question, yes, it is okay for guys to do whatever the hell they want.


Never thought I would say this, but thank you, Axe.

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