I Am Very Pleased To Announce That Miley Cyrus Is Finally Getting Her Shit Together

The days of Miley Cyrus endlessy twerking, sticking out her tongue in every photo and covering herself in gooey glitter are behind her. Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to announce that she’s finally getting her shit together and her new music is here to prove it.

Cyrus recently released her new song “Malibu,” a sweet, slow song that’s reportedly about Liam Hemsworth, her former ex-boyfriend. Cyrus and Hemsworth were engaged in 2013 but broke up, which is when Cyrus started getting weirder and weirder. The couple is back together again and they look just as in love as they did before.

Cyrus did a photoshoot earlier this month for the cover of Billboard magazine where in the first time in forever she looks natural (and fully dressed) instead of… whatever the heck she was before.

She explains that she’s going back to her country roots and her new music is reflecting that. She’s grown up a lot over the past few years, and I think she’s finally changing for the better.

In addition to cleaning up her look, she’s cleaning up the messy parts of her life. She decided to become sober, so she has already said goodbye to drinking and smoking. She seems to have gotten a new wardrobe that covers a bit more of her skin. She even cleaned up her Instagram, which used to be a sea of unflattering selfies but now looks much more aesthetically pleasing.





Personally, I love this new Miley. She looks genuinely happy after taking off the layers of gooey glitter.


But that’s just me.

With Two Buttons Deep, I’m Morgan.

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