“Rainbow Village” Is The Newest Addition To Your Bucket List

You’ve probably never heard of Kampung Wonosari, but this town in Indonesia is about to be the next destination on your bucket list. It’s a small village in Indonesia that is about to bring your Instagram aesthetic from okay to holy shit.


In an effort to attracts more tourists, Kampung Wonosari (also known as the “Rainbow Village,”) was given a bright, new makeover. Everyone, from local residents to the town mayor himself, worked together to repaint the 232 houses in the village.


Every building was painted at least three different colors. Vibrant shades of blue, yellow, purple, green and every color in between now cover the land.

The government gave Kampung Wonosari 300 Indonesian rupiah (17,000 euros) for the makeover, which was obviously a great investment. There’s already thousands of photos on Instagram and they are absolutely stunning.



If only I could book a flight to Indonesia right now…

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