Upstate Veteran Graduates High School at Age 101

This past weekend in Upstate NY, an Air Force veteran got to walk in his high school graduation after falling short of competition as a teenager. Oh, and did I mention he is 101 years old?

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That’s right! John Moates, a World War II veteran got to live a lifelong dream as he got the opportunity to walk amongst the†Goshen High School class of 2017.†You think your recent graduation was an accomplishment? Congrats, but it doesn’t even touch Moates’ story.

Moates was supposed to graduate in 1933 but dropped out in 10th grade due to a medical problem that forced him to exit the education system earlier than expected. He joined the Air Force as an engineer at the age of 18, but never went back to school.

Moates’s family reached out to the Goshen High School’s administration and they enthusiastically were willing to bring his story full circle. Kudos to the senior class too, for allowing Coates to walk on stage with them. Humbly he asked for no special treatment as he suggested that he would walk alongside the graduates in alphabetical order. 101 years later and he still got class.

I’m sure there was a bit of a culture shock for Moates though when he reentered the gymnasium. When he was in school, students were required to wear collared shirts, slacks, and clean shoes, while our generation is rocking Male Rompers†in the cafeteria.

Don’t think he’s stopping now either, as Moates plans on majoring in music at the University of South Alabama next semester. As for his next goal, Moates says he wants to live to 107 years old.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and there’s no time like the present to start now.

Check out how Moates rockin’†his cap and gown with his new millennial contemporaries

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