I Went To Troy NY’s ‘Hidden Garden Tour’ And Discovered The City’s Secret Charm And Stuff

Last week 2BD was invited to the 18th Annual Troy Hidden Garden Tour. For those unaware, Troy NY is not only a gentrified city being whispered as the “new Brooklyn” Ė it’s also the home of Two Buttons Deep, and myself.

There are a lot of good things Troy is known for: being the coolest city along the Hudson, home to one of America’s smartest engineering schools, and really good craft beer. But what I don’t think it’s known for is its gardens. The brick-heavy city seems like no place for a boomin’ garden, but apparently that’s why they’re all hidden, thus they created the Hidden Garden Tour, which I happily partook.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.34.59 AM.png

Apparently people have been hiding these glorious greeneries in the courtyard between their house and garage, which is a luxary I can’t afford on my third floor apartment. I have a hard enough time reviving the sole plant my Mom lent me, nonetheless a full fledge of veggies and plants from all walks of life growing comfortably in a city of bricks.

This tour gave us insight on the secret charm Troy has to offer, and some delicious treats to go with it. One guy straight up pulled a radish out of the ground and let me eat it, while other simply left out some lemonade. It was awesome to see people doing what I probably never will, and I caught it all on Instagram story for you.

We would have gone full production mode had God not rained on our parade, which not only cut the tour short, but forced me to meet my kryptonite: wet socks.

Enjoy Troy.


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