You Better Believe The Germans Are Building A Beer Pipeline

As if Germany hasn’t already proven their worth to beer lovers with their annual Oktoberfest celebration, the biggest beer celebration in the world with an annual attendance of 6 million people per year. Germans think there’s still something to prove.


Construction is underway to build a pipeline that will stretch over 4 miles long and quench the thirst of over 75,000 of those who are expected to attend the Wacken Open Air festival which takes place in August.

Festival goers have consumed about 100,000 gallons of beer in past years, giving festival coordinators a reason to supply the drink in a way that has never been seen before. That’s not the only reason for the pipeline, however.

Environmental concerns were raised by locals regarding the trucks that were used to deliver beer to the festival. According to festival management, beer truck deliveries caused damage to the grass in the festival area and traffic buildups in the tiny town. The pipeline will cost 1 million euros to construct, a wonderful investment in the opinion of local officials and great excuse for beer drinkers.


This is awesome.

I’m not a metal fan, but if you love beer as much as I do then you can relate to the pain of sitting at line for beer at an event as big as this. †The beer will fill festival goers’ cups at a rate of 6 pints in 6 seconds (I don’t have a clue to as why they explain it like that, but the more the merrier, right?). The pipe will encircle the festival grounds and will be accessible from multiple points.

After seeing this, you have to be crazy to think that Americans are doing the “beer delivery” thing right. †We have some competition…While the American way sees beer as a marketable commodity (which it is), Germans see it more like gold. †If you think I’m kidding, just look at this guy…

I’m not too sure if metal rock and beer mix too well, but I have a feeling that it can be intense. †I still think this is a great idea and wouldn’t mind if a few American based festivals took up the idea. †There’s one thing for sure here. †This definitely beats the whole construction of an oil pipeline straight through a Native American reservation extravaganza…

There truly will be an incredible discovery deep in the grounds of Wacken, Germany this coming August. †For those of you who speak German, “Prost”. †Otherwise, “Cheers”.

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