Upstater NYers, If You Receive An Email From The DMV, Don’t Click It!

Over the next couple of weeks, New Yorkers should be skeptical about any DMV emails they†receive. Especially if they claim to suspend or revoke your license!

Several news outlets across New York state are relaying a warning message put out by the New York DMV about a new phishing email popping up claiming to be from the DMV. The emails look to trick unsuspecting New Yorkers into thinking they have multiple outstanding traffic tickets and that they must be paid†within a 48 hour period.

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The New York State DMV is aware of this issue and†is taking steps to warn drivers who may receive these sort of messages†that the†department “does not send emails urging motorists to pay traffic tickets within 48 hours or lose your license”.

Dear Driver:

We are writing to inform you that the state police department has notified us that you have several outstanding traffic violations. If you do not make restitution for these infractions within 48 hours, we will be forced to revoke your driver’s license. To make payment arrangements online, click here.

To refute these tickets, click here. Sincerely,

The email†provides a false DMV link to refute the fake tickets. The link sends the user to a mirror†site that automatically downloads a virus to the computer. Chances are the virus is similar to the popular ransom ware that made waves early this year. This isn’t the first time this type of email has surfaced in New York either. In fact,†many people have been getting similar fake IRS calls on their phones as well!

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So be careful. If you get an email like this and you don’t have any outstanding tickets DELETE IT! If you do have outstanding tickets, STILL DELETE IT! Call or go to the DMV instead. You probably should still pay or attempt to refute your tickets, just not over email. Ever.

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