Jeff Van Gundy Claims Kevin Durant & Steph Curry Are The Greatest Duo of All-Time…Wait What?

Game 2 of the NBA Finals was played Sunday evening, Golden State now has a commanding 2-0 lead against the Cavaliers as the series heads to Cleveland. Paul Pierce during the post-game show decided to make a pretty bold statement. “Durant may be the best player in the world today” – said Pierce, this as a surprise caught everyone off guard, Michelle Beadle, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups immediately questioned Pierce and asked what’s inside that coffee mug that he was sipping on.

I’m no Lebron James supporter but the man has been to the NBA Finals for seven straight years, and has three NBA championships to go along with that streak.

But that isn’t even the icing on the cake; Jeff Van Gundy decided to say something rather preposterous claiming Kevin Durant and Steph Curry may be the best duo ever. Can we take a moment and stop making these crazy claims? You know the ones like this rookie will be the next Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Babe Ruth of whatever sport they play.

Curry and Durant haven’t even played an entire season together let alone won an NBA Championship, and yet Van Gundy says they are the greatest duo ever, this series is far from over (though I’m rooting for the Warriors). Lets take a look at a few duo’s and see if they match up to being the “greatest”.

John Stockton and Karl Malone

malone and stockton

Stockton, the NBA’s all-time assists leader, and Malone who ranks second all-time in points. They played 1, 412 regular season games, making the playoffs every year they played together.

Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars

thoams and dumars

The “Bad Boys” of Detroit were known for their physical, gritty, and suffocating defense when they went on to win back-to-back NBA championships in 1989 and 1990.

Shaquille O’ Neal and Kobe Bryant

oneal and bryant

A dynasty was made in the early 2000’s in the west, O’Neal and Bryant three-peated  from 2000-02 to become the fourth team in NBA history to win three or more consecutive titles.

Larry Bird and Kevin McHale

bird and mchale

The glory days of the Celtics, Bird and McHale went to the NBA finals five times, winning three NBA Championships.

Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

magic and kareem abdul-jabbar

The 80’s belonged to the Celtics and the Lakers, Lakers did a tad bit better because of these two. Bird and Kareem won five NBA Championships together.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

jordan and pippen

Jordan and Pippen three-peated two times during the ‘90s, winners of six out of eight NBA finals appearances made from 1991-98.

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny

bugs and michael

They beat the Monstars…enough said.

I think Durant and Curry are a long way from being considered the greatest duo of all-time, you can call them great, that’s fine because they are great players but lets see IF they win a championship together. Doris Burke asked them that question last night when the game went final, they both handled it as well as you could when you hear something like that.

I cant imagine being a super star athlete with all the god given talent known to mankind and handling all these crazy headlines and accusations every single day, let alone while you’re in the middle of the NBA Finals playing for the one thing you’ve been dreaming about winning since you were a kid.

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