How to Make it Look Like You Are Actually Stylish During the Rainiest Spring Ever

Conversations about the weather are the most insincere, mundane use of your vocal cords, but when nearly two straight months of rain and less-than-ideal spring temperatures start impacting the best season for fashion –it’s time to intervene.

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Lookin’ real good here in Troy, NY these days.

How do you stay motivated to rock a killer outfit to your 9-5, the gym or for a night on the town when the clouds follow you everywhere you go? How do you stay as positive as the G.O.A.T., Al Roker, when talking about the weather and plans to endure the forecast?

Well, it always comes down to style. Gotta look good feel good, even when all you feel like doing is wearing sweatpants and binge-watching the new season of Bloodline.

Here’s what you’re going to need to in your closet to make it through this dreary spring.

A good raincoat (or two)

Yes, this is an obvious must-have, but it’s somewhat of a pricey investment when you think traditionally it’s only needed a dozen or so times a year. If you are going to have more than one go-to “spring” coat, go with a real deal, hooded raincoat and a trendy trench.

The raincoat: Of course you need a hood and a slick material to tell those raindrops it ain’t no thang. The downside here is that true raincoats are not making much of a fashion statement for you. So be prepared to add some fun accessories to your look before you brave the torrential downpours that are calling this coat’s name.

The trench: Trench coats are for the day with like, a 40% chance of rain. They tend to be longer, so your garments underneath are a bit more covered (’cause nothing is worse than wet jeans, am I right?) They cinch your waist with a belt so it’s a bit more flattering for the morning commute to the office. Some don’t come with a hood –so beware that you might still need an umbrella handy.

Tough footwear

No matter what you wear on your feet for a rainy day, your shoes are going to be subject to wear-and-tear. Puddles, mud and other people’s feet stepping on your heels as everyone rushes to get inside ASAP are all inevitable encounters.

A rainy day is the perfect time to break out some platform sneakers to cover up your toes and brave those puddles with a little bit less fear. (Plus, they’re pretty easy to clean compared to a suede boot or open-toe sandal in this weather.) Rain boots are the classic fallback, but the issue with those is that there’s a more-often-than-not chance they aren’t going to match with your work attire or happy hour outfit.


Women’s Jacinta Slip-On Platform Sneakers, $109 (Macy’s exclusive)

The Dad hat

I know I’m the self-proclaimed fashion expert here at 2BD, but I had no idea “dad hats” were ever out. I’ve been wearing them religiously on weekends forever and was recently informed that they are “in” for summer 2017.

So, why not throw on a good ol’ dad hat on a dreary day? Especially if the office isn’t in your plans and you’re grabbing coffee or running some errands. This one below from AE slaps a little irony onto the situation, too, and I’m all for that little pop of sass.


AE Embroidered Dad Hat, $13.46 (orig. $17.95)

And if you MUST, an umbrella…

Umbrellas are of course the smartest move for a rainy day, especially when you don’t have the right outfit in place to brave the forecast. But oh boy do I think they are soft AF.  If you aren’t too forgetful or lazy to carry one, I commend you for remembering to pack one in your handbag and giving no f’s about how many people you’ll hit in the face while walking to the subway, recklessly folding it down once you’ve reached the part in the stairway where you’re officially under cover.

I always forget about umbrellas, truly. It’s an accessory that slips my mind, and I dread to carry or bring one with me for the sheer thought that it feels as though I’m succumbing to the yucky weather, believing the sun will not come out tomorrow.


Kate Spade Off We Go Dahlia Travel Umbrella, $48

But at this point, I’ve had enough. This weather has caused some serious styling dilemmas over the past few months of long overdue April showers. Hopefully these tips will get us through the rest of it and let Ms. Mother Nature know we ain’t scared –but we do want it to end soon. Please.

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