When You Need A Father Figure At Your BBQ, Turn To Craigslist

You can buy basically anything on Craigslist. A new pair of sneakers, last minute concert tickets, a used car, or… a new Dad?


A Craigslist ad from Spokane, Washington was posted two weeks ago looking for a “generic father figure.” The group of twenty-somethings that posted the ad looking for a middle aged man to grill food at their BBQ party, since none of them actually knew how to operate a grill. Because that’s something only Dads know how to do.

The ad was pretty specific about the person they wanted to hire, making sure to include the most generic parts of being a Father. Check it out what they wrote:



Notice how they admitted that they couldn’t pay the man with actual money, but they are able to give him an unlimited amount of hamburgers and beer while he’s working at the party instead. It’s like the kids are broke and they’re hoping their father loans them some cash. Ya know, just another typical Dad thing.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff on Craigslist, but out of all the weird things people post on that website this is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if they ever found their Bill, Randy, Dave or whoever, but if they didn’t, I hope he’s reading this right now and spiffying up his go-to spatula.

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