Have No Fear – For July 4th Uber Will Be Here

Na na na na, hey hey hey, goooodbyeeeeee.


Picture me, 2 A.M., all buttons deep singing that out loud to the shitty ass cab companies of the Upstate NY area. Very few times would I stoop to using their services, which are guaranteed to be late and air thick with cigarettes, but sometimes it was the only option for us upstaters to get around for our nighttime shenanigans or something where time was of the essence.

Recently, the local ABC affiliate did some dirty work and secretly filmed multiple cab drivers overcharging them in the same day, to then show it to the police who stuttered “uhhh yeah, that’s a problem.”

Well not anymore.

uber 1.jpg

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday night signed a bill that will speed up the process of allowing ridesharing across New York.

With the signing of Bill S.5814/A .7624, sponsored by Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer, R-Amherst, and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston, services such as Uber and Lyft will be operational in every region of the state by June 29 instead of July 9.

The goal of the legislation was to have ridesharing available ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, which is good because according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 40 percent of all highway deaths between 2007 and 2011 were caused by drunk driving over the Fourth of July weekend.


The bill memo states that the celebration of the founding of our nation is frequently accompanied by consumption of alcoholic beverages, in fact, more beer is purchased the 4th than any other holiday celebrated in our country. And that’s what America is all about.

“Some, and perhaps many, of these drivers would choose to use ridesharing to get home if they had a chance. This bill is a common sense measure to make our roadways safer and save lives.”

We went to the ridesharing celebration party and spoke with many of the congressmen and even Mayor Sheehan who were still vouching for the date to get bumped from July 9th to June 29. They succeeded, and upstate took home a W.


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