How the U.S. (Trump) Reacts to Climate Change Will Make or Break Our Coastal Cities

John Kerry compared Trump’s pulling of the United States from the Paris climate accord to O.J. Simpson’s search for the person who “really” killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in 1994. †Ouch. The remark is one of many criticisms of the President’s decision to pull out of what is said to be an unfair deal that hurts the United States economy.

It seems that the argument†regarding climate change has shifted from whether or not climate change is actually happening to how much climate change is happening. †If you don’t believe in climate change, you need to do some research for yourself. †It’s time to get out of the idea that we shouldn’t be concerned right now. †The numbers are significant enough to affect future generations.

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Here’s an example of what we can expect to see more often: the relocation of coastal towns as a result of rising waters at the coast.

This is going to cost a lot of money you could only imagine. †A Louisiana town is currently experiencing the drastic effects of rising water levels. Isles de Jean Charles, an island off the the Gulf Coast, has lost 98% of it’s land to water since 1955. †The island only houses about 100 remaining residents as many have been forced off of the island since the 50s. †The majority of the U.S. population resides around the coast which gives rise to many questions.

Where do these people go? When is the right time get going†on the move? †Who pays for it? †These are probably good questions for President Trump to answer right now if he wants to get his opposition off of his back for pulling out of the Paris accord.


In Florida, one in eight homes could be underwater by the year 2100, according to numbers generated by Zillow, †The mayor for Miami has already publicly announced that residents should not wait for the government to bail them out. A bold statement to make for a city that†houses about 430,000 residents.

Air: We “neeeeeeed it!”

Trump mentioned that pulling out of the climate deal with most of the world will help to have the cleanest air for America. †Personally, I have never heard of air that stays true to a border. If you have, feel free to enlighten me.

East Asia has potentially the worst problem in this department. †I’m all for nations tackling their own problems first, but there are people in this area of the world that have to wear protective equipment around their face to get to work for heavens sake.

The air in Beijing is said to be over 40 times the International Safety Standard, causing more that one-million deaths in China alone per year. They need help that they clearly cannot provide for themselves.


The United States agreed to supply a minimum of $6 billion by 2020 to developing nations who battle with environmental issues as part of the Green Climate Fund. Considering the fact that the U.S. plans to cut over $9 billion in its domestic education budget, it seems†that the Paris accord wasn’t doing as much harm as our government does to its next generations. †Don’t even get me started on the education cuts..


We really need to be careful what we read on this subject. †It’s a tough subject and the fact is that people are being affected by it now. †Communities have to move and lives are changing. †It’s important to get everyone on board for this. †It is good to see that our government is taking measures to improve our environment, although our world and its people aren’t healthy enough for us to take a business approach to things.

So what’s the next move for us? †There’s one thing for sure. †O.J.’s search is going to help us.

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