The Best Of What’s Trending On YouTube This Week

Usually the trending section on YouTube is where corporate content creators pay top dollar to inject their bubble gum buzz cuts from late night TV into the internet community.

But so far this week, something’s different. We’re still seeing some typical fluff and late night political satire in there, but there’s actually some really awesome videos that we put together for you right here:

Carpool Karaoke: Ed Sheeran

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is always on trending. Not just because his network pays for it, but because it’s a unique Late Show spot that is consistently a pleasure to watch. But this episode isn’t just fire because it’s Carpool Karaoke.

It’s ???†because:

  • A). It’s Ed Sheeran just… being Ed Sheeran.
  • B). He manages to Fit 55 chocolate candies in his mouth at once!
  • C). He plays his original version of Love Yourself†that he wrote for Justin Beiber (as well as a story about how he smacked him in the face with a golf club!).

Dude Perfect: Drew Brees Edition

This is another example of a trending section mainstay in Dude Perfect. They are one of the top channels mainly because they put out videos that kill in the college demographic. Also, who doesn’t love a good trick shot montage? But this week, The Dudes have taken it to another level by inviting Drew Brees to participate. But this video isn’t fire because it has a celebrity in it.

It’s ??? because:

  • A). Drew Brees ACTUALLY participates.
  • B). He proves that he is basically the LeBron of Football trickshots !
  • C). He even beats one of the Dude Perfect bros. at a trick shot VS. game (I mean, yea, he’s a pro quarterback. But his precision with a football is so scary, it would scare a smashed frat bro sober!).

Casually Explained: Group Projects

Casually Explained doesn’t put out a lot of videos on a weekly, or even sometimes monthly, basis. But as of late, when he does post, it’s probably trending and for good reason. This time around he explains the most face palming experience anyone who has ever attended a school can endure: Group Projects.

It’s ??? because:

  • A). He’s right
  • B). He’s right
  • C). OMFG HE’S RIGHT!!†???

One Love Manchester Benefit Concert: Where is the Love – Back Eyed Peas feat. Ariana Grande

It goes without saying. This concert was well deserved for the people of Manchester after the horrific events they endured last week. Ariana was devastated by the fact that her concert acted as an opportunity for such evil to take place. Especially when her music is created specifically to encourage the opposite. So she decided to do something about it.

It’s ??? because:

  • A).†Her and all of the other artists showed up in support to raise money as well as spirits.
  • B). This particular Black Eyed Peas song has never been more relevant.
  • C). The event as a whole speaks volumes about the loving human nature that still exists in this crazy world.

Rudy Mancuso: Split Love

Rudy is a long time skit entertainer on YouTube. He has amassed a substantial subscriber base with his comedic charm and his “Anyone could make a video like this” film style that is native to a lot of YouTube greats. So when he decided to use his most recent short to tell a -missed- love story, people saw it and immediately could relate.

It’s ??? because:

  • A). It’s a simple and uniquely creative take on missed opportunities to connect with others.
  • B). The narrative covers something that a lot of young people for generations have struggled with and puts it in a modern perspective.
  • C). The filming style is, to it’s core, what inspires people to become a YouTube creator.

Khaleesi The Bulldog

This video is not from a big creator. It’s not from a corporate entertainment channel. It’s not even from a regularly posting channel (The channel has 737 subscribers and 13 videos over 2 years). So why is it on trending. Because this dog was seen doing something that reminds us all why dogs and humans fit so well together.

It’s ??? because:

  • A). It’s a dog watching TV! (Like, legit watching a movie and following the plot)
  • B). It’s savagely adorable!†?
  • C). It’s a prime demonstration of man’s best friend at it’s finest (He actually cares about what the girl in the movie is gong through).

America’s Got Talent: Mandy Harvey

This last one is just incredible. Words cannot describe how awesome this girl is. It’s just an outright breathe taking AGT performance and shows why people should never give up on their dreams. She tells her story and sings it for the whole world and… it’s just WOW!

It’s ??? because:

  • A). †JUST
  • B). WATCH
  • C). IT

If you liked this piece and you’d like to see more of “This week on YouTube”, good news, we’ll be doing this every week here on 2BD. The topics and themes will change each week and give you easy access to some of the most awesome videos on YouTube.

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