The Yankees Aren’t Putting Butts In Seats And Something’s Gotta Change

Lets get this out of the way right now, Iím a New York Yankees fan, I bleed blue. With that said I was watching Monday nights game against the Boston Red Sox and all I could feel was a drowning sense of disappointment.

I said to myself, where are the fans? This is one of the greatest rivalries in baseball, how isnít that stadium packed watching these two teams go at it?


How it should be.

Lets back track for a second to last year when the Yankees and StubHub reached a deal for StubHub to be their official ticket reseller. This deal basically prevents fans from selling those really nice seats behind home plate at a discounted rate, which basically means not allowing the average Joe to sit in them.

Since the new Yankee stadium opened in 2008, attendance has been among the best in baseball despite the high ticket prices. This year however it’s been a bit of a different scenario. In May the Yankees reported their first-quarter filings in ticket and suite revenues had declined nearly $14 million from a year ago.

In fairness, the weather has been terrible; I for one wouldnít want to go watch a baseball game in the freezing cold and possibly rainy night. But is that really a tangible excuse to a drowning sense of support?

The Yankees front office needs to bite the bullet and make tickets affordable again.

Think about a family of 5 going to a game. That includes getting food, drinks, maybe a souvenir, along with parking and travel costs. Youíre easily looking at spending $500-600 for an MLB game. Which is way too much for most.

giphy (3).gif

I get why though, no more legends like Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera on the team, and the new stadium isn’t exactly new anymore. However, there is no doubt this team deserves a packed stadium, especially with a rivalry the Red Sox present.


The Yankees are currently first in the American League East, 1 game above the Red Sox and a current 17-9 record at home. This is a team fueled by young talent, Aaron Judge (who currently leads all players in All-Star votes), Gary Sanchez, and Luis Severino are the faces of the Yankees for years to come.


Aaron Judge

Itís going to be interesting to see what the Yankees do at the trade deadline, I think this start surprised a lot of people and they could very well make a strong playoff run. I’m excited for this team there’s a buzz that hasn’t been around the Bronx for awhile, lets see if they can make that playoff push after the All-Star break.

And for Yankee stadium, lighten up the cost of tickets so people can enjoy the game of baseball from the good seats.

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