The Billion Dollar Fight & Conor McGregor Having Nothing to Lose

It’s a great time to be Conor McGregor.

After executing a 3 year reign upon the UFC (minus the colossal bump in the road that was Nate Diaz) McGregor is sitting on top of the world with championship belts in two weight classes.


The man who started his career by passionately announcing he was going to tell the Irish welfare system to fuck off after receiving a 60k TKO bonus has now seen his career take off to unimaginable heights. Unimaginable that is, to the common person, but if you’ve followed McGregorís rise to stardom you’ve witnessed the unshakeable confidence of a man who has turned outlandish claims and bizarre promises into reality.

If anyone believes Conor McGregor has a prayer against arguably the best defensive boxer of all time itís indeed McGregor himself.

After building enough hype around the potential billion-dollar super fight, McGregor has finally signed an agreement to fight the legendary Floyd Mayweather. This is mind-blowing in itself, a man who has never professionally boxed aligning the stars to place himself against the best active boxer in the world.

comparison mayweather conor.jpg

This is your high school track star signing a deal to race Usain Bolt, your gym class hero agreeing to play Lebron James 1 on 1, this is insane. However, every fighter has a punchers chance, and that chance alone has kept the idea of this fight, one that many boxing professionals and personalities has called foolish, afloat.

Floyd Mayweather is the braver of the two parties if he decides to sign the dotted line simply because he has so much more to lose. 49-0 can turn into either 50-0 or 49-1. Letís say McGregor lands a hand-of-god counter left and drops Floyd’s head onto the canvas, he is now 49-1. Look at that 1, that 1 stands out, who is that 1?

He must be the best, heís certainly better than Mayweather if he beat him, thatís the risk Floyd is taking while stepping into that ring. A damn near perfect legacy showered in mansions, glory, and lighting fast reactions in the ring can all be tarnished with one good punch.

Conor McGregor has nothing to lose except maybe a few pounds for the weight cut. McGregor is one of the most talked about sports figures in the world, and this billion dollar bout only adds to the hype-train that is The Mac Life.

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