From A Sports Reporter: Why The NBA Needs To Lay Off On Post Game Interviews

Monday Night the Golden State Warriors won their fifth NBA Championship in franchise history by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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It didn’t take very long for Lebron James to say something stupid during the post-game press conference and say that he’s never been a part of a “super team”….come on Lebron….I don’t want to criticize him for his remarks, but that’s why we have twitter.

What I want to talk about is what I believe should take place for the losing team for any championship game, professional & college and that’s eliminate the post-game press conference.

I’ve covered championship games, I’ve seen people give it their all and lose the one thing that they wanted the most, it sucks. I hated having to ask them questions because I see them fighting back tears, some are class acts and will speak to the press for a while and act as if nothing happened, others well…are sore losers.

I get that the press have a job to do and tell both sides of the story, but when they go digging for questions, example is the “super team” question to Lebron that’s when you have to say stop it. What I would recommend is the losing team should give an opening statement, say whatever is on their mind and that’s it for the evening, if you want more pressing questions then head to the next press availability when they clean out their lockers and these guys have a few days off to let their minds relax.

They might be super star athletes that get paid an insane amount of money to play a sport, those guys just lost the one thing they’ve been dreaming about since they were kids, which might be the only shot they ever get to win it.

Picture this at your job, you just lost that life-changing promotion you wanted; now you have to sit in front of a bunch of journalists, cameras rolling and explain what just happened to you.


If this is the path that the NBA is heading with “super teams” then maybe Commissioner Adam Silver should give the green light and let it happen, no trade or free agency acquisition is too big. Even with “super teams” becoming more common, this year’s regular-season attendance record for the NBA was broken for the third straight year which means they’re doing something right.

Give the losing players a break, that’s all I’m asking.

From a sports reporter.

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