Think of a New Oreo Flavor and Win $500,000

Oreo is comin’ in with a fierce competition with prize money that would flip my 24-year-old world upside down.

Choose Oreo’s next flavor and win $500,000. Easy enough, right?


Oreo is undoubtedly America’s favorite cookie, with a slight edge over Freihofers cookies just because the Oreo frosting is so damn good. But the oreo didn’t stop at the oreo, that’s not news. They’re out here with Jelly donut, swedish fish, double stuffed, black and white, and who can forget the short-lived Oreo-O’s?


The company has now opened the floor to its biggest fans with a new contest called #MyOreoCreation, which could help choose the latest new Oreo flavor. Three finalists in the contest will get $25,000 each and see their flavor creation hit store shelves nationwide next May. The $500,000 grand prize winner will be determined by the highest number of fan votes, and from there, Oreo will move their flavor into mass production. Best of all, Oreo will also surprise numerous fans all across the country by delivering real-life samples of the flavor they submitted via a small Wonder Vault robot.

The contest runs until July 14. Check out the full rules from Oreo here.

This is where legends are made the bad ideas are forgotten. Can you imagine racking in 6 figures for getting high and thinking what would make an Oreo taste better? I sure can.

P.S. I have a DYNAMITE flavor but obviously not telling you, wait to see my update when I roll in half a mil.

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