NASA Is Launching A Chicken Sandwich Into The Stratosphere Because Why Not?

Almost half a century after Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the moon, NASA has made significant progress with space travel and exploration. Since then, dozens of astronauts have left the safety of Earth to explore the rest of the universe. And now, in 2017, NASA is letting a chicken sandwich explore the Earth’s stratosphere

“Yes, space. For real. We’re actually doing this,” the company’s promotional website says.

A KFC fried chicken sandwich is going to be the next Neil Armstrong. What?!


World View, a company that makes stratospheric balloons, wants to send everyday people like you and me into the stratosphere. People in these balloons would be like space tourists and they would be able to experience Earth from a whole new perspective. It would be like going to the top of the Empire State Building, but instead of seeing a view of Manhattan, you get a view of a good chunk of the planet.

But before sending us into the stratosphere, World View first needed a willing test passenger. Who would be better for the job other than KFC’s new spicy Zinger chicken sandwich?


They are so stoked, in fact, that they made a whole commercial imitating President John F. Kennedy’s famous “We chose to go to the moon” speech.

However, KFC is not the first company to do this. There have been cameras, burgers and weed sent into space. But as the space enthusiasts are also pointing out, KFC is sending their burger into the stratosphere, and that is not space.


Because their device is balloon powered, it is not powerful enough to surpass the Karman Line, aka the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. So yes, the burger will have traveled farther than most even will, but it’s not quite space, as KFC is advertising it as.

Long story short, I have a lot more respect for my lunch now.

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