Miley Cyrus Goes Incognito in the Subway and Rips a Killer “Jolene” Cover with Jimmy Fallon

There are two things I like about Miley Cyrus: “Party in the USA” and the one time she covered “Jolene” in her short lived backyard acoustic sessions.

Gone are the days of weed & tongue and in are the days of full length hair and Miley back to doing what she does best, being really talented.

Her and Fallon hit the subway undercover and of course tear it up and eventually draw a crowd, which is an example of why I always give street performers a half-second chance. Is this a famous person making a bit? The internet has seen humans time after time get put to shame when jotting past signature performers incognito because Americans can’t identify real talent unless they pay $59.50 for a ticket.

My rule of thumb is if a street performer captures your attention and makes you stop, they deserve at least a dollar from you. It’s their job, and that’s why I only give them half a second, I’m cheap. As for Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus? They don’t need my money. But this video is worth your time, and time is money. So we’re still paying them.

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