Why I Hate Dave Matthews Band

This isn’t going to come off pretty to some of you readers but here goes nothing.

It all started in middle school when the DMB phenomenon began. Everyone would head up to SPAC for the weekend DMB would be in town, it was known to always be a great time and all the cool people were going, how could you possibly not go?!

During those years I began listening to DMB, I tried really hard to like him but I just couldn’t get it, what’s so great about him and his music?

dmb sucks

Each passing year he would come back to SPAC and the crowds would get bigger and crazier (and younger?) to the point that SPAC turned into amateur hour.

The “Bros” would own the lawns and parking lots, many oh whom had no intention of ever going into the concert. And I almost can’t blame them, inside the venue all you hear is “I loveeee Daveeeeeeeeee mannnnnnnnn.”


To me his music is like Nickelback, it sounds meh, but not horrible.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.15.39 PMYears ago I began posting on Facebook “DMB Sucks” when he came to town as a friendly reminder of my opinion on his music. As you can assume that status didn’t sit too well with others, it’s a very sensitive topic to upstaters. DMB is good because he’s good, and that’s just something I had trouble comprehending. And I know it’s not nice for me to say he sucks, it’s bold, and if somebody spoke about the Yankees like that I would be lookin’ like this:


I get it.

To those fans that love his music, I respect you. Music brings people together, and I’m about that. My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, everybody jokes that their music sounds exactly the same, and half their songs have California in the lyrics somewhere, hell I like them enough that I have them tattooed on my body.

Story Time about the first time Dave got me drunk: A few years ago when I was still running Cross Country, we went up to SPAC to do our long run, we completely forgot that DMB was in town.

It was early in the morning after the concert, SPAC was a mess with beer bottles, cups, trash everywhere, cleanup was barely underway before day 2 began.

While in the middle of our run, we noticed a black bag thrown into the bushes on a trail, so we stopped to check it out, well wouldn’t you know it was packed with beer. We were underage at the time, so we had ourselves a party that night without any difficult coordination. So thank you Dave, I got drunk because of you.

P.S. – Call me a hypocrite if you want, I do have one DMB song on my iPod, it doesn’t sound like him hence why I like it. American Baby.

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