Megyn Kelly Caught On Tape Sucking Up To Alex Jones Is The Epitome of Slimy Journalism

I have two jabs to throw right from the gate. Megyn Kelly’s new Sunday Night show is not nearly as good as it should be, and Alex Jones is a KFC-sized bucket of guts.

Kelly, who is not only an upstate NY native but now the host of a slew of NBC news shows, kicked off her magazine style 60 Minutes counterpart show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.†She’s playing all the cards she’s got, like, all of them. She interviewed President Putin in ep. 1 in which he swiftly dodged her predictable questions, and in ep. 2, she exposed the national limelight on Alex Jones, the buccanneer behind InfoWars and guy your Mom told you not to talk to.


And I by mean your Mom, I mean his kid’s Mom, who recently won-custody-but-according-to-Alex-not-full-custody because he is absolutely looney-tunes and has a library of material online to prove it.

Anyways, they do the interview, which was enough hype to get myself along with 3.5 million others to tune in (however only half of the viewership she got from episode 1), and it was exactly what I expected. Megyn Kelly lifting the top off the steaming pot to let some gas out as she sat back acting all nonchalant.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.54.03 PM.png

Jones is a hot-headed far right conspiracy theorist with dangerous ideas alluding to the fact Sandy Hook was a hoax and the NAVY Seals faked the Boston Bombing to justify war. And Kelly stooped to giving him the national spotlight to spew it in exchange for views.

It’s scary that people like this exist, it’s scarier that he has a dedicated following of 6 million and growing, and the scariest part is that he has the ear of President Trump, who has both repeated stuff from InfoWars in real life and saluted Jones in the past. So why, and how, would Kelly interview him on her primetime show? Because she is a slimy journalist looking for her fill.

Alex Jones is a maniac, but he’s smart, sort of like our President. He knew his interviewed with Kelly would be skewed by post-production, which it undoubtedly was, so he recorded every bit of interaction they had and somehow Alex Jones made Megyn Kelly look really bad.

After the interview aired last week, Jones has since released a video on his youtube channel leaking the full dialogue he had with Kelly. In his words, “what these tyrants haven’t learned yet is that information warfare is a two way street. And we will give as good as we get.”

Alex exposes the initial call he received from Megyn Kelly many months ago. She put on her best Barbara Walters mask and kissed more ass than Alex Jones could offer. Megyn acted very casual and coy, but you know damn well there was a team of 20 listening in praying her decoy would work and would land them an interview with America’s 2nd largest lunatic.

No harm in Megyn sucking up to Alex, you gotta do what it takes to land an interview, but kissing his ass saying she “see’s a different side of you after watching you in your custody battle” and claiming “itís not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I can promise you that” was the slimiest prerequisite to an interview that was nothing less than a full fledged lions den.

It went from a promise of a casual conversation to the interview teaser trailer literally showing Megyn go “Sandy Hook. 9/11. And other triggers to get both Alex and the audience’s blood boiling. She played Alex, but Alex doesn’t care about getting played. Alex cares about getting noticed, and that’s more than less all what Megyn did by giving him this interview, and no amount of post-production can hide that.

Of course there was backlash even before it aired, why give this guy the airtime? The NBC affiliate in Newtown, CT agreed not to air the segment for obvious reasons. Bill De Blasio even voiced in on the issue.

Here are a few responses from the family members of Newtown victims:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.54.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.54.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.54.55 PM.png

Megyn Kelly did not do anything wrong, just slimy. I’ve done weird shit to get an interview or a subject to do what I wanted, but never have I lured someone as dangerous as Alex Jones onto a platform powerful enough to reach every ear in America. Megyn Kelly stooped low for this interview, and now a bunch of 14-year olds are on board with Alex Jones. What could go wrong?

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