I Regret to Inform You That I’m Here to Debunk the Drama Between Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh, the stepbrothers who jumped out of a helicopter after the pilot passed out, locked themselves inside a homemade treehouse because they forgot to build a door and pretended their living room was a bed and breakfast to earn some extra cash, aren’t as close of brothas as we thought. Hell seemed to break lose a few days ago when Josh Peck married his longtime girlfriend… and forgot to send Drake Bell an invite to the wedding.


Let’s back track to a couple of days before the wedding to when josh went on the podcast “Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss.”

He talked about his weight loss, love life and recent vacation to Disneyland with Danny, Joey And Jesse from “Full House.” In the midst of their one hour conversation, Peck admitted that the “number one” question he’s asked when he meets fans in public is “where’s Drake?” And to be honest, Peck doesn’t know. “I wish I had a better answer, but probably at home? Whole Foods?” Peck said.

That was the number one question he was asked on his wedding day as well. An insider told US Weekly that although they both post funny throwback pictures on social media of their days starring on Nickelodeon, that’s all they did.

Peck said that him and Bell haven’t actually spoken in almost three years. In fact, Bell didn’t even shoot him a “congratulations” text when their engagement was announced.

But if they really aren’t that close anymore, why was Bell so upset about missing the big day?


I don’t care how small the wedding was. If John Stamos, Liza Koshy, Jason Nash and even Dan Schneider (the creator and executive producer of “Drake & Josh”) can make the guest list, his former costar can earn a spot too.

As soon as Bell glimpsed at the wedding photos, he didn’t take it easy, man. Instead he went on Twitter to tell the world that their friendship was officially over. He’s deleted the tweets and Peck has yet to respond.


I don’t know if we should just pretend this is another one of Megan’s classic pranks, they had a secret fight no one knows about or our favorite step siblings grew apart from each other. I guess all we can know for sure is that a piece of our childhoods was just slaughtered.

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