Mayweather vs McGregor For Dummies.

As you probably have heard, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have agreed and officially signed to fight... excuse me for the incorrect terminology, they’ve agreed to engage in combat under one style of combat, boxing.


Unfortunately for us, the majority of coverage by attention thirsty hype-beast analysts is widely available and ready to be consumed. Like the McDonald’s side of America. The side that gives you a product, immediate satisfaction, but none of the substance you actually need.

The two months leading up to this fight the masses will effortlessly be fed hype while struggling to gain any nourishment of knowledge as to what the fuck is going on.

You could turn on ESPN and watch someones dad keep their job by elaborating on hollow foundational points or you could grasp a quick understanding of the situation and watch the fight from an unbiased standpoint. I like to think I can be that beacon of hope for you, but I admittedly have flaws like everyone else and ask you to take everything I say with a grain of salt as you should others.

On to the fighters….

Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer breathing and arguably the best fundamentally defensive boxer to ever live.


Known for his cat-like reflexes and lighting strike counters, Mayweather has mentally dismantled 49 opponents with chess-like strategy and unparalleled cardio. The man is the first fighter to take pride in his defense and also understandably state “I don’t want to get hit, I want to be able to speak when I’m older.”

Because of this, Floyd has often been accused of “running away” from fighters, unfortunately this false labeling is usually propelled by those who wish his demise, but Floyd doesn’t run away. Mayweather stands right in the pocket, methodically bending at the hips while reading his opponents movement so by the time their punch reaches its intended destination, he’s not there, and often follows up by countering them into a trance. Floyd is a boxer, for anyone to claim a man who has fought and won 49 professional boxing matches as “scared” is simply foolish.

Floyd, like Conor, is a confident, money flaunting pop culture icon, and this has caused him to receive relentless backlash as to him tarnishing the integrity of the sport. These people seem to forget the days of heavy weigh champions sporting mink coats at night clubs, and one could easily guess its the fact that Mayweather is a self-made multi-millionaire who now answers to none.

He is a man who broke away from greedy promoters and made his talent and personality into its own brand, The Money Team. Lets never forget that part of the entity that is Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a man who is the best boxer on earth right now who has earned every single accolade and thrown his way. Throw some respect on that mans name.

Now we have his opponent, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. McGregor is a two weight UFC World Champion reigning from Ireland who’s fame has rose significantly rapidly since he entered the octagon on April 6th, 2013.


During his climb to become the premier star of the UFC McGregor has gained recognition from pop-icons, an array of European nations, and American fight fans. He has become the fighter to take MMA to that next-level platform of recognition its founders have been yearning for since the formation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the man who has demanded to heard now will be placed on the biggest fighting platform ever.

This being said, Conor McGregor, under a standard boxing rubric, is an amateur, for he has never boxed professionally, ever. He is now facing one of the best boxers to ever live. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the fundamental ideology that he stands little to no chance isn’t really worth talking to. He’s facing a man who has practiced one specific skill-set since childhood, and competing with that man in his specific skill set. That being said, McGregor is a combat athlete, an unpredictable young man with endless self-belief, you also cannot say there is absolutely no chance McGregor lands a hand-of-god left that sends Floyd to the canvas. Most likely not, but he has earned the recognition of a punchers chance.

There are a lot of people saying this match is like putting an Olympic sprinter against a soccer player in a race, football player against a basketball player in a 3 point shooting contest, etc. I disagree, the best analogy I heard was that Mayweather v McGregor is like two swimmers competing in a butterfly swimming race. One of these swimmers (Mayweather) has been mastering the butterfly his entire career while this opponent (McGregor) has been practicing multiple style of swimming. They both compete in the deep water that is combat, one is just more fine-tuned to execute a specific style.

Speaking of water, Skip Bayless co-signing McGregor makes me want to drown myself. Its utterly predictable and he’s made a career out of rooting for the demise of greats by co-signing their opponents. Don’t listen to that man, thats all I got, I’m out, enjoy the fight.


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