Where In The World Is Amelia Earhart? Starting Today We Could Find Out

There are so many unanswered questions that we will go through life never knowing. Why do you have to hit the ’57’ on a Heinz glass bottle to get some ketchup out? Where does that missing sock go during laundry? Why did the creators of How I Met Your Mother decide to waste 8 years of my life to simply kill off the mother in the last episode?

All of those great mysteries will never be solved, but one unsolved puzzle may get checked off the clipboard of human curiosity.

Amelia Earhart, the first woman aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, disappeared nearly a century ago when she attempted to be the first person to circle the globe. Since she left for that flight, there has been no wrinkle of an idea of what happened to this trailblazer. Rumors of getting kidnapped by the Japanese during World War II or forming a new identity and starting fresh are atop of the rumor mill.

Most likely, Ms. Earhart was a castaway that spent her final days opening up FedEx packages and talking to a volleyball.

However, after years of speculation, a group of expeditors have decided that enough is enough and are looking for answers. The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) is embarking on a journey to Nikumaroro, an island near Fiji, to work on the ‘Nikomaroro Hypothesis,’ which argues that Earheart, alongside navigator Fred Noonan decided to land down on this island after they were unable to find their original destination. Starting June 24th, the team will be joined by four forensic border collies, trained by the Institute for Canine Forensics, in hopes of finding both of their remains.

Archaeologist in residence at the National Geographic Society Fred Hiebert spoke on the method of using canines and stated that “No other technology is more sophisticated than the dogs, as they have a higher rate of success identifying things than ground-penetrating radar.” I know exactly what he means, I mean why else would The Mystery Team have Scooby Doo hanging around the gang? Mr. Heibert knows what he’s talking about.

These canines are really impressive as they have the ability to sniff out “burial sites as deep as nine feet and as old as 1,500 years” according to National Geographic. Berkeley, Piper, Marcy, and Kayle (yeah, they’re names are even cuter than their faces) will be the foundation of potentially unlocking one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

I hope the team finds Earhart real soon so I can bring those dogs home with me to help me find my socks!

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