The Biggest Pokemon Go Update Upon Us and Here’s Everything You Need to Know

I’ve been playing Pokemon Go since day one, I love Pokemon (Gen 1 obviously) I grew up loving the show, the Gameboy games and even Pokemon Stadium for N64 and of course the trading cards.

My poor mother probably spent thousands on everything related to Pokemon. And here we are in the year 2017 with the latest and greatest installment of Pokemon, Pokemon Go which has approximately 65 million monthly active players as we approach the one year anniversary of the game being released.

poke 4

We all remember last year when this game took the world by storm, people were outside chasing these imaginary creatures through parks, towns, and cities to be the first to catch them all.

The game has been hit with a lot of criticism because of the lack of content it provides, the only three major functions are to catch Pokemon, level up your character and battle/control gyms that’s pretty much it.

Well folks, our voice has finally been heard Niantic, the developers of the game, are rolling out some major updates such as raids, face lifts to the gyms, and last but finally not least….legendary Pokemon will be arriving.

giphy (1)

The gym revamp doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me because they sucked before, I never touched any of them because I didn’t want to deal with battling 3-4 Blissey’s which are tanks.

What did surprise me is when a raid is taking place near you, it will take over a gym for a short time and a powerful Pokemon will appear for you and others to battle it and have the chance you catch it.

What I want to know is how good is this raid Pokemon if you were able to catch it, how you base how good a Pokemon is based off its IV which is the hidden secret in the game. I’ll be pretty upset if these “powerful” raid Pokemon are anything less than 90% IV because it would make no sense at all to catch these, the only thing you’d want are the items from the raid.

raid 5.jpg

Which brings me to my next argument, where is the masterball?

In the Gameboy games that was the only way to catch Mewtwo. With legendary’ s soon to make their appearance its time to incorporate the masterball as well, make sure its rare enough though that you have to decide if you want to use it on a certain Pokemon or wait.

We’ve all had the run in with a Dragonite, Snorlax, or Tyranitar that refuse to be caught, before you know it you’ve wasted 20-30 ultra balls and at this point you’re hoping the damn thing runs away.


As I’m sitting here at my day job, the update has been released! But it seems they haven’t 100% given it the green light….lets break it down

poke 1

This is what the gyms looked like early in the morning.


poke 3

Oh they’ve gotten an upgrade, very nice! Wait I cant click on it still oh come on!

poke 2

Well this is new! Wait what do you mean Raid’s aren’t available for my level?!

I’m hoping once I get home that gyms are 100% operational, will see about the raids I think that might be a little ways down the road but until then I will defend my turf and claim all the gyms.

I’ll be back with updates when I get them, stay tuned and keep playing. You can download the app here. See you out there, 518.

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