This Girl Fell Off Great Escape’s SLOWEST RIDE And I Have Questions

The Great Escape is an upstate NY staple, that’s not news. If your parents didn’t take you there on a regular basis, they didn’t love you. And it provided for the only field trip where you could freely roam away from your chaperone because as big as the park is, there’s only one way out.

It’s a pretty legit theme park too, full fledged roller coasters and water parks, it has everything you need for a thrill. It’s not until you visit Six Flags New England or Disney World that you noticed its subsidiaries, but for us simpletons, it is more than enough. What’s important is it’s close by, they’re always improving, and they’ve always kept out of the news from tragic accidents, damnit, until now.

Last night a 14-year-old girl was captured hanging from the Sky Ride. Sounds intense, right? It’s not. It’s literally the slowest ride in the park, it’s more than less a flat ferris wheel. Does that make sense? It’s designed for views, not thrills. It’s made for Instagram, basically. The ride takes you across the park at turtle speed while hanging 35 feet above the bustling attendees.

How did this girl fall? I have absolutely no idea. You literally need to be a toddler not to abide by the basic rules of this ride which include, don’t stand up, and don’t slide under the bar.

Also, the guy next to her, a so-called “friend,” did little to nothing to help his struggling co-rider. Maybe it’s her boyfriend who saw this as an easy way to break up? That’s the only way I think someone could justify being of little help as he was. He should be banned from ever sitting in a fire exit row on an airplane because this guy will never save anybody in his life. He seems like he’s one notch of laziness away from whipping out his phone to get a POV of his friend’s potential death.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 10.21.47 AM.png

Also, why the hell are people clapping immediately after she fell? They have NO idea if she landed in the graceful hands of strangers or snapped her spine on the concrete. White people love jumping to conclusions. Also, the guy filming is a bucket of guts telling her to let go saying that she will be caught. What if the catchers weren’t ready? Too late. Video guy told her to drop.

Can’t believe this drama was going down right in our backyard. The girl ended up being caught by a courageous group of passerbys and only suffered minor injuries which is awesome. Team work makes the dream work. Six Flags has commented on the issue and said there’s nothing wrong with the ride. Just the people riding it.

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