Everything You Should See On YouTube This Week

This week in YouTube, we’re taking a look at some of the best awkward, double take inducing videos of the past seven days that will leave you confused and amused.

When Kanye Invited Ninja Over For Basketball and Pudding

We all know who Kanye And Drake are but you may not know Ninja. He’s a South African Rapper/graffiti/pop artist Who is a pretty much a front liner in the world of weird. So when he says his time at Kanye’s house was awkward, you can take his word for it.

When You Caught Your Parents Having Sex And You Had To Describe It

I cannot imagine having a conversation like this and it’s safe to assume most of us would rather publish our browser history than to admit, with details, to seeing our parents doing the dirty. If you want to know what that conversation would be like, this video is for you.

When… Nope.

Families of things are great! Smelly things are funny and animals are cute. But put all three of these things together and it can be NOPE material. But I don’t know about this one. If anything, I would say the most awkward thing about this video is the guy who got so scared he ran back to his house calling for his wife.

When Gordon Ramsey Finds Out You Serve Dead Lobsters

We’ve all been here before. You open a gourmet restaurant. It starts to tank so you call Gordon Ramsey. You think it has nothing to do with your food and BAM! He finds a dead lobster in your tank! But seriously, how embarrassed would you be if this happened to you in front of all your customers AND Gordon Ramsey?

When You Need To Make $20 Fast But Skate Is Life

That time when your friends convince you to be in a video, throw a cart at you and make you risk a hospital visit for $20. You did it, but you still to this day aren’t quite sure what happened.

When Paramore Covered Drake’s Passionfruit And It Sounds Better Than The Original

Okay. So Drake. Passionfruit is a great song and all but some of us are beginning to wonder if it’s really THAT good. We aren’t saying that Haley Williams and Paramore did it better than you or anything. It’s your song after all. but, we just thought you should know about this cover they did. That’s all we’re saying.

When You Still Can’t Understand Desiigner But Man U’s Paul Pogba Can…

There’s nothing more awkward than listening to Desiigner with your friends and it’s safe to say that no one has deciphered Desiigner’s language yet. We are still waiting on the Hennessy soaked Rosetta Stone to be discovered before any progress can be made.

But apparently Manchester United’s Paul Pogba might have figured it out. Why else would he be in this video? He looks like he understands every word so I’m sure the Oxford Dictionary people will be giving him a call during his off season.

When You Like XXXtentacion But You’re Basic AF

Instead of describing this video, consider this portion of “This week in YouTube” as the interactive segment. Invite a friend, parent or significant other into your room and make them watch this video. Presto! your very own awkward moment that they will never see coming!

When Aubrey Plaza Smoked Some Bud With A Couple Of Nuns

Aubrey Plaza has always been cool but now she is “420 blazin’ it with nuns” cool. But, whether it was from a weird cult vibe in the air or because they were all high, the interest they took in Aubrey was extremely cringe.

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