Soda Tans, BabyFoot and Offensive Tees: What’s Going On in the Weird World of Beauty and Fashion

Trends come and go, but the internet makes sure you’ll never miss hearing about some of the most ridiculous things happening in the world. This week, it was hard to ignore the social media attention focused on quite a few bizarre beauty and fashion items.

But in case you deactivated your Twitter account (and for good reason), I’ll take a quick Two Buttons Deep dive into what is causing me to seriously smh.

People are using Coca-Cola to get a tan


Apparently, the sweet new thing to do is lather a liter of Coke on your body and go soak up the sun with it. The dark, caramel color of the drink has a similar look to iodine, which before anyone knew better was also used to help accelerate your tan. But since we all know sun exposure in any capacity is considered risky nowadays, it’s just wild that people are willingly turning their bodies into a sticky mess of a mosquito trap for this.

Experts are cautioning against using the Coca-Cola tanning method big time since the effects can be extremely damaging to your skin, even if it does work for a quick boost of bronze. If you really want to get your tan on, start your morning using a moisturizer with SPF in it, then head to the pool or beach with a tanning lotion that still offers some sun protection for coverage while you’re gazing up at the rays in those sunnies.

Adults are into having Baby Feet


All feet are gross, right? Except for a baby’s, I guess. A new product called BabyFoot offers an opportunity to restore your feet by removing dead skin cells anywhere from three to seven days after you apply the treatment. People are equally weirded out and excited by the process.

For $25 you can experience it for yourself and contribute to the Twitter hype:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.05.47 AM

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.06.04 AM

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.04.50 AM

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.05.04 AM

The Jenner sisters are offending actually famous people

0629-kendall-kylie-culture-appropriation-collection-3I’ll admit Kendall and Kylie definitely sell some clothing worthy of the fire flames emoji, but earlier this week they rolled out $125 t-shirts with their faces covering actually famous artists like Tupac Shakur, Ozzy Osbourne and The Doors.

Obviously anyone who felt slandered by these designs flipped out on social media (shoutout to Sharon), but the other major offense here is that these t-shirts are HIDEOUS. The person at the mall kiosk with the airbrush wouldn’t even design this shirt for you if you asked for it. For $125 they need to be written a ticket from the Fashion Police and given a suspension for being completely insensitive to the artists and fashion lovers of the world who are appalled by the lack of creativity.

That’s quite the roundup for an otherwise boring week in the news.

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