Thousands of Americans Submit Pictures of Where They Spent 4th of July Weekend To Prove America Is Already Great

This weekend I saw a bunch of rando’s popping up on my timeline. Everybody posting mundane to excellent photographs along with the hashtag #AmericanGreatness. Upon a push and a click, I saw Stephen Colbert sent out a request for pictures documenting where Americans are spending their fourth of July weekend. 

Thousands of people responded with pictures of where they were at that moment (or previously, who knows with social media) and Stephen(‘s intern) has been retweeting replys all day. I suppose it’s a subtle nods to President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” because this collage of photos speaks a thousand words about why America has been great all along. You just gotta look up from the twitter machine to appreciate it.

But do stay on your phone for the 50 best places people spent their 4th weekend goin Two Buttons Deep with the people who matter.

  1. Aerial view of the fireworks in Honolulu, HI

2. Hang Gliding in Sylmar, CA

3. Philadelphia. “Where it all began”

4. Country livin’ in Snohomish Valley, WA

5. A lone star painted above Dallas, TX

6. Three rows from the American icon, Bruce Springsteen in DC

7. Is that the train tracks from Harry Potter? In Fayetteville, WV

8. A charity 5K to benefit ALS research in Buffalo, NY

9. Picture (perfect) Lake, Mt Baker, WA

10. Casually flying above the Hoover Dam, AZ

11. Kids with probably no idea why their picture is being taken in Keystone, SD

12. Seemingly dangerous Angel’s Landing bridge in Zion National Park, UT

13. AuSable Lighthouse @ Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. MI

14. 70’s living in Musella, GA

15. Smith Rock in Deschutes County, OR

16. Mount Cheaha, the tallest point in Alabama.

17. Traffic en route to San Francisco, CA

18. Pictures of people taking pictures at Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, AZ

19. The otherworldly Kalalau Valley on Kaua’i, HI

20. The Queen City Buffalo, NY

21. Paul Revere Mall and Old North Church – Boston, MA

22. Clearing Summer Storm in Blue Ridge, GA

23. I Have A Dream in Washington, DC

24. Peanuts and cracker jacks San Francisco, CA

25. Hoh River Rain Forest. Olympic National Forest, WA

26. Space shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center, FL

27. A real life meteor crater in AZ

28. A glimpse of the Adirondacks, NY

29. Katmai National Park and Preserve, AK

30. Sunset over Lake Michigan, one of the world’s largest sources of clean, fresh water, MI

31. A killer instagram from the White Mountains, NH

32. Sunrays doin’ their thing over Lake Altus, OK

33. Where little leaguers come to shine. Double Day Field in Cooperstown, NY

34. Wavy artwork coming from Detroit, MI

35. Don’t get close to Snoqualmie Falls, WA

36. Some kid maybe electributing himself in Bodega Bay, CA

37. Probably part of the Sound of Music? in Big Yellow Mountain, NC

40. Possibly the world’s longest staircase in Colorado Springs, CO

41. Injure yourself by running on the White Sands National Park in New Mexico

42. Paying respects to the great Muhammad Ali in Louisville, KY


44. A killer instagram for this doe, WA

45. Aerial view of a town waiting to ski in Telluride, CO

46. 10/10 blue steel from this dog in Rock Island, TN

47. Maxin’ and relaxin’ in Grand Teton, WY

48. Boats straight chillin’ in Buffalo, NY

49. A dog beach, aka the best beach in America at Chicago, IL

50. Kick your shoes off in Whittier, AK

America is already great, ok?

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