Don’t Be Sad That Target is Dropping its Signature Clothing Lines

Sayonara, Mossimo. Target lovers are bummed out by the news that the retailer is dropping some of its main clothing brands, including: Circo, Cherokee, Merona and Mossimo. These names have been Target staples forever, so the sudden “breakup” isn’t going over so well.

And of course when people only read the headlines, they don’t always get the full story. The beloved Mossimo, for example, is only dropping its men’s line and will keep the women’s –so there’s a small sigh of relief for some of the fans out there.

But I’m here to assure you this phasing out is a good thing. No one is hiding the fact that traditional retail stores are struggling –over 300 retail stores filed for bankruptcy this year alone. Amazon’s taking over the world with their explosive entry into the market with the Echo styling assistant and try-before-you-buy offerings.


Target needs to find a way to keep people in stores by offering fast fashion styles that go beyond the basic tanks and tees. Not too long ago was I avoiding the clothes section completely, and now I check back every week to see what new styles the Who What Wear line is rolling out. I can’t imagine how much time I will be spending there to see the four new brands available in 2017, and then with over half a dozen more coming over the next two.

Target is an absolute powerhouse, the time suck of all time sucks –the Vegas for women (AKA you go in with $20 worth of items on your list and leave three hours later throwing $200 out the window). Don’t believe anything you read about the slow death of retail, cause it just ain’t happening. Brands are not giving up, they’re getting smarter.

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