Rebel Wilson Breaks A Glass Ceiling For Plus-Sized Women In Hollywood

During my elementary school years, I played the lead’s best friend. Whether I was cast as Donkey in Shrek or Flounder in The Little Mermaid, I understood that the way I looked was a large determinant of what role I received. It sucked! As a short, chubby, pasty kid with glasses, the only headlining role coming my way would be if we performed Stuart Little.

But then 6th-grade rolled around, along with my love handles, and I was no longer typecasted as the 2nd in command. I got the lead as Aladdin and to this day I am still shocked that the drama teacher decided to pick me. Going from sidekick to the star was a huge psychological hurdle I jumped over. I earned the part based on my talent to sing and dance, rather than the way I looked. So I know exactly how Rebel Wilson must be feeling as the new lead in a Hollywood romantic comedy.

Wilson, who stereotypically lands the role as a secondary funny character who delivers comic relief as prescribed in Pitch Perfect and How to Be Single, will finally get her chance to be the lead in her new movie “Isn’t It Romantic.” With a release date set for 2019, we’re all going to have to wait to see how she delivers in this new role.

The stars were perfectly aligned for Wilson to drop this information while promoting her new clothing line in New York City last week. Wilson happily delivered the message to her fans at the venue announcing that “for once the plus-size girl plays the lead instead of the funny friend.”

Whether she knocks it out of the park or completely falls flat on her face, Wilson talked about how excited she is for this new project. “I get to play the lead role and kiss Liam Hemsworth — and kiss multiple other gorgeous men in the movie — which I think is a really, really nice message to put out there.” Lucky her…

The plot of the film is an unconventional ‘Rom-Com’ but that most likely will land directly in Wilson’s wheelhouse. According to Variety, the storyline follows a “cynical woman who doesn’t believe in love and then wakes up to discover that her life has become a romantic comedy.”

As a living, breathing human being in 2017, I think I can speak on behalf of all of my millennial troops that we are ready for a Rebel Wilson headliner. I’m glad that Wilson is getting the opportunity to shine and bring a different look as the lead in a romantic comedy. If not now, then when? Go kill it, girl!

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