Foam Brewers Is The Next Big Name in Craft Beer – You Heard It Here First


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I recently took a trip up to Burlington, Vermont to drink some of the best beers around since it’s only a three hour drive from Albany. I was able to get my hands on a Heady Topper, which has been rated as the best beer in the world and it certainly exceeded expectations.

Burlington is a beautiful city, located right on Lake Champlain; the downtown area is a perfect spot for restaurants and breweries to thrive. One of the bunch, and a big reason I took the trip was for a new brewery called Foam Brewers and if you haven’t heard of them before…you will very soon.

foam bar 8

Foam Brewers opened in spring of 2016 and within a year they’ve already been rated one of the best new breweries in the world. One of the owners, Robert Grim a good friend of mine and former teammate at Plattsburgh (Go Cards!) is part owner of the brewery; he gave me a nice little tour and some stats about Foam.

Foam Brewers is located on the waterfront of Lake Champlain in an old building from 1853 that use to be used for lumber processing; as soon as you walk in the design of the place really stands out. For the artwork they turned to Russ Bennett, Russ is known for his visual work with the band Phish and the musical festival Bonnaroo.

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From the first step to brewing beer all the way to serving costumers its done right underneath that rooftop. Foam has brewed 162 times, 90 different beers, and only dumped two batches. If you think that is impressive how bout this, in the middle of the week Foam announced that they will be expanding to add cans and kegs to their production. In just a years span this little brewery has racked in the reviews and now adding a second location in Hinesburg for production of cans and kegs, that’s unheard of.

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There’s never a bad time to visit Burlington, it has everything a tourist is looking for, especially a thirsty one. It also offers one of the most scenic drives of all drive en route from upstate NY. If you have the time I highly recommend you stop into Foam and indulge on some tasty brews, before you know it this place will be a household name.

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