This Guy Successfully Checked One Can Of Beer As His Luggage And I Have Questions

While flying from Melbourne to Perth, Dean Stinson treated his can of Emu Export as a piece of luggage. He captioned the beginning of the beer’s journey: “Greatest moment of my life.” And now I have questions.

Greatest moment of your life? The day I consider paying hundreds of dollars for someone to shake up my beer is the day I don’t deserve to crack a cold one with the boys. Have you ever looked out the window of your plane and seen the guys on the tarmac handling your luggage? It ain’t pretty. And something tells me they had a really difficult time sending this luggage up the ascending conveyer belt without it rolling back down like a game of plinko.


Personally I would have no business sending a beer through the air, why would you not want it with you on board? It’s probably not allowed. And I’m American enough to think spending $8 on one beer in-plane is reasonable. I think it’s disrespectful to check it as luggage however. To the beer, not to anybody else. All the beer wants is to be left alone in the fridge until their inevitable sendoff to the other side…I’ve seen Sausage Party, I know how this works.

giphy (11).gif

The only thing less appropriate than a beer to send as your checked luggage? A dwarf.

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