5 Reasons Why Applying To Jobs Is The Worst

Applying for jobs may honestly be one of the worst things we the people have to do. I entered the real world when the stock market was crashing, but I was fortunate to find a job within a reasonable amount of time after graduating college.

Iíve had a couple jobs since then, and the process of finding ďthe rightĒ job is awful, I hate it. I remember when I was a teenager and going to stores to ask for an application in which I would write with my chicken scrap handwriting. †Those were the easy days…

But applying to real life jobs is a whole new landscape. What do I hate about applying for jobs you ask? Well itís a variety of things,

1. Itís a job within its self to apply for jobs, something you cant push off because you wont even get a job. And money is important.

2. Itís a very slow monotonous process, every single application is exactly the same, sometimes. Will you hear back in a week or three months? Nobody knows.

3. Filling out all your previous work information on these sites, isnít that what my resume is for? If youíre lucky and you get called for an interview, I always follow up after with a thank you email. What drives me nuts is them not informing you if you got the job or not! Complete silence! Are you kidding me?

4. My resume is basically a bunch of stuff I do not want to do again, so stop asking me about it.

5. Is there a correct way to do your resume? Just like deciding where Upstate NY begins, I don’t think anybody knows.†I trust the person that helped build mine, but Iím a skeptical person when I donít hear back from these places that I apply to thinking to myself what am I doing wrong? Should I have trusted said person? I don’t know. But if I have any advice it’s to just keep trying. It’s easy to get lazy when applying but opportunity only comes to those who knock. So keep knocking and you never know when that phone might ring.

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