A Word to the Nickelback Haters From the Fans Themselves

Before we visited SPAC this week, we seriously thought no one was a fan of the headliner, Nickelback. When we arrived to the concert, the parking lots were full and the people came pouring in, jazzed as all hell to be there. What?!

This came to our complete surprise since one of the internet’s sole purposes is to unite people under the common hatred of Nickelback –the band known for being unoriginal, uninspiring, a little unsophisticated and cheesy. There’s even been a research study to help determine why it’s one of America’s most disliked musical groups.

But since we know how strong the opposing party is (AKA the haters), we had to talk to the true fans and let them speak their mind on what they’d say to all the people out there who want nothing to do with their favorite band.

You can see what they had to say here:

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