Garth Brooks Serenaded An 89-Year-Old With “If Tomorrow Never Comes” Which Is Only Slightly Daunting

There are two types of performers in this world. Shitheads with a good voice, and genuine human being who use their talent to enhance other people’s lives, Garth Brooks is of the later.

During his show in Lafayette, Louisiana, Garth noticed an elderly woman holding up a one of a kind sign. “Elvis was my last concert,” the sign read.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.07.49 PM.png

Laura, who was in attendance on the eve of her 89th birthday, last saw Elvis over 40 years ago in Louisiana. This is when Garth went into fox mode and made his way over to Laura, who was surrounded by a sea of cell phones as she stood there is awe, completely taking in the moment, which is something only people 60+ know how to do.

What did he play? “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” I would say there’s probably better songs out there to serenade someone in the sunset of their life. Regardless, I’m sure Laura probably couldn’t even hear it and still considers it a moment she’ll remember forever. That is if tomorrow still comes…

Here’s how it went:

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