Can We Talk About This Baby Model for Zara Who is Ruining My Life

Yes, every woman is beautiful and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to Gigi Hadid or Jennifer Anniston on the reg. We’re different worlds and 14 on-hand makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists away from that life.

But baby models are something else –devastating to the ego in a completely different way. When you see a small child who is lightyears better looking than you, yet decades younger than you, it stings. Like, how could someone be so hashtag blessed at such a young age?


Well, meet this little nugget. She’s the face behind ZARA’s new sustainable baby line, Join Life. She’s posing like she was the first person to make it famous on Instagram, with the confidence and candids that take 20-somethings 60 tries to capture and cost you a fall out with your BFF over her lack of photography skills.


She’s mastered the top knot bun that 2 percent of people can pull off, and looks damn good in an oversized jumper that gives most of us the dreaded saggy bum syndrome. Her modeling portfolio will be as impressive and robust as a Victoria’s Secret Angel by the time she’s in kindergarten. So yeah, these images are ruining my life.

But this girl doesn’t spend hours in the mirror contouring. She doesn’t shell out insane bucks for eyelash extensions. She gets to look this good while throwing temper tantrums at Starbucks and jumping in puddles without having to worry about dropping her smartphone in the mud.

Ah, the simplicity of life as a toddler. I’m sitting here wondering how a presumably two-or-three-year-old can achieve such a flawless look –but it’s clear to me that when you’re just not consumed by social media and what everyone else is up to, your natural beauty can really shine through.

Plus, her parents must be absolute smokeshows.

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