This Video of Shia LeBeouf in Semi-Rare Form Being Racist & Cursing Out Police Officers is a Baaad Look for White People

White people take an L on behalf of Shia LeBeouf, who clocked every swear word in the book and then became aggressively racist against two very patient cops last week in Savannah, GA.

In a day in age with fairly tense police-citizen relations country wide, it’s never a good look for anybody to be caught bringing down those who protect us…But then you scroll past a video of police brutality and really begin to question what you’re suppose to think.

Anyways, it’s not news that cops are stereotyped for lowering aggression and not profiling white people as much as people of color. Which of course, as a white person, is a blessing to be able to be pulled over and break a sweat wondering what’s gonna happen based on what I’ve seen on the internet. In fact, I’ve been pulled over 7 times in my life and I’ve never been issued a single ticket.

Ok I got one.

Anyways, there are always gonna be idiots out there who flex their blessings to the extreme, and unfortunately sometime it’s one of your childhood idols, Shia Lebeauf. Shia has been popping up for the past 10 years for all of the wrong reasons, including but not limited to being arrested on multiple occasions, copyright infringement, a DWI, and then proclaiming he is no longer famous.

Watching all of his movies from the times he was famous and livestreaming his reaction


And of course took a stab at becoming the world’s quickest motivational speaker


Shia being Shia is not news either, when I hear “Shia got arrested” I think nothing other than the fact that it must be summer, the season of going two buttons deep and beyond. But it’s a real bad look for white people after he spent last Saturday night going all buttons deep in Georgia and ended his night saying incredibly racist things to an innocent officer who indeed had my opinion to whoop Shia’s ass right then and there. It’s cringeworthy stuff, it really is.

Shia has a problem and I wish I didn’t like him as much as much as I did. Not gonna say I’ll never support Shia again, I think my loyalty to him is bulletproof, but the guy has gotta get his act together or else Holes will no longer be his lasting glory and he’ll forever be remembered as a racist piece of shit.

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